Trademark Reissue

If certificates such as Trademark Registration Certificate, Trademark Alteration Certificate, Trademark Assignment Certificate and Trademark Renewal Certificate are lost or broken, companies can entrust an agency to reissue a new one.

Force of Law of Trademark Certificates

Trademark Registration Certificate is the proof issued by the trademark office to the registrant. It is the most direct and effective legal evidence for registrant to protect his rights. Trademark Registration Certificate is the necessary document when the registrant prints the label or requests the Industry and Commerce Administration Authority or People’s Court to deal with infringement cases.

Relevant proof documents are sent by the trademark office when the applicant proceeds with the alternation, assignment or renewal of trademarks. Thus, when the registrant uses Trademark Registration Certificate, proof documents are required to provide to ensure complete force of law.

Documents Required to Trademark Reissue

Certificates of obligee’s identity

Power of Attorney of Trademark Reissue

Period of Trademarks Reissue

It needs two to four month to reissue a trademark certificate.


According to relevant regulations, the original certificate can be replaced by verified copies with the seal and signature of Industry and Commerce Administration Authority located in registrant’s place. In order to well protect the original certificate, registrants are recommended to use copies.

The Trademark Registration Certificate is issued by the trademark office. In order to guarantee its authority and solemnity, no entity or individual may forge or alter the certificate.


Q: How to apply for trademark reissue if the registrant has changed?

A: It should be applied in the name of the original registrant. An application for the registrant change shall be filed.

Q: Is it possible to apply for certificate reissue if he address change hasn’t be applied?

A: Address change and certificate reissue are allowed to apply at the same time.

Q: What else should be paid attention to when applying trademark reissue?

A: An statement should be post on Trademark Announcement if the Trademark Registration Certificate is lost. If the Trademark Registration Certificate is broken, the broken one should be given to the trademark office when applying the reissue.

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