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Invention Patent Application

New technical solutions to problems related to products, methods and their improvements.

Design Patent Application

The shapes, images, colors of products and any combinations of the elements.

Utility Model Patent Application

New technical and applicable solutions to problems related to shapes, structures and any combinations of these elements.

Advantages of Patent Application

To protect technical achievements from infringement;

To avoid any malicious infringement and overusing;

To meet requirements to register as high-tech enterprises for government subsidies;

To gain enterprise core competence and market share of products;

To manage intellectual properties and increase registered capital and enterprise values.

Patent Application Procedures

Patent Searches & Analysis

To save time and energy.

Materials Reviews

Free professional assistance for materials preparation, reviews, checking and submission.


Quick submission and follow-up during the review process.

Certificate Issued

Free follow-up patent management services after registration.


Novelty, innovation and practicability are essential for patent application of new techniques, processes and products. Please be aware that novelty can be lost in new products being sold in market and technical proposals published in theses and magazines.
Our company applies very strict policies to keep our clients’ information confidential. The patent proposals are technical achievements of our clients and we will never steal them. And all patents applied are available to be searched.


Patent validity begins from the date of application and products manufacturing is allowed during the application period.

However, to avoid any leaking of patent or technology information, we advise you introduce products into markets after getting the patent authorization.

According to Patent law, inventors or designers refer to individuals who make innovative contributions to the inventions’ substantiality.

Inventors must be individuals not enterprise or groups like research groups, etc. If the invention is by multiple individuals, names of all individuals must be shown.

Any other individuals responsible for organizing, providing material and technical conditions or other assisting works are not considered as inventors or designers.

After authorization of the invention patent, the applicants have the following rights:

1. To manage the patent

2. To transfer patent

3. To give permissions to others to use the patent

4. To forbid others using the patent without permission

5. To request protections from infringement of patent rights

6. To indicate the patent rights on products

From the date of application to the date of authorization, there is temporary protection for patents.

1. Patent holders should pay annual fee for patents on time, otherwise patent rights can be terminated in advance;

2. Contracts in writing for transferring patents must be concluded and registered to National Intellectual Property Bureau and transferring take effect from the date of registration;

3. Contracts in writing for permitting others to use patents must be concluded and put on records to the National Intellectual Property Bureau within 3 months after the date when the contracts take effect;

4. Patent holders have rights to indicate the patent sign and the patent numbers on the packages of products;

5. Contracts in writing for pledge of patents must be concluded and put on records in National Intellectual Property Bureau and the contracts take effect from the date of registration.

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