What Can Be Registered for Copyright?

Literary Works

Such as novels, poems, thesis, plays, commercial plans, lyrics, etc.

Oral Works

Such as speeches, lectures, court debates, etc.

Software Works

Such as websites, software, App, original codes, etc.

Art Works

Such as logos, drawings, cartoon images, website design, etc.

Photograph works

Photograph works of people, animals, etc.

Film and TV works

Such as TV series, commercials, cartoons, movies, entertainment programs, etc.

Artistic Works

Such as songs, music compositions, choreography, folk arts, operas, etc.

Engineering Works

Such as design drawings, maps, circuit diagrams, etc.

Advantages of Copyright Registration

Promoting works to the public through the regular announcement by the registration institutions;

Getting a lifetime legal protection against being plagiarized by one time registration;

Benefiting from the added values of works through transferring and authorizing;

Meeting the requirements to be verified as software enterprises and products and hi-tech enterprises to benefit from favorable tax policies.

Trademark Registration Procedures

Materials Collection

Searching the trademark names to determine if they can be registered.

Materials Reviews

Submitting trademark formality to designated national institutions and reporting promptly.


Preparing materials required and submitting applications.

Certificate Issued

You will be notified immediately when the registration is approved.


Copyright, also named authorship, refers to the creators’ rights over the literary and artistic works. China applies the policy of optional registration. Copyright registration can decrease the burden of searching for evidence for quick and effective legal protection against copyright infringement.
There are no territory or products restrictions for copyright registration and copyright is to extend the trademark protection scope to all categories. It takes about 1 month to get the certificate issued and the validity for copyright is 50 years and no fees is needed for renewal.

Once you get the authorship through copyright registration, you will have exclusive rights over your works in market.

Without the permission from the creators, nobody can transfer or sell the works. Copyright registration is good for the spreading and economic values of the works with legal protection.

Yes. Many clients confuse copyrights with trademarks and even think copyrights can replace trademarks in various business situations.

Trademarks are mainly used in products and only through registration can the trademark holders have exclusive rights. Trademarks not registered are not intangible enterprise assets and not protected by National Trademark Bureau. Products without trademarks cannot enter regulated markets.

If the trademarks are registered by others then the only way to get back the trademarks is to apply for cancelling his trademark. So we advise you to be proactive by registering trademarks and copyrights at the same time.

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