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Our Advantages

Premium Services

One-to-one service, free consultation for trademark analysis; Searching before registration to lower the risk of failing to the least.

10 Years of Industry Experience

90%+ success rate and 50,000+ trademarks registered for 10,000+ enterprises

Efficient Processing

Applications submitted may be processed the day of submission and an electronic receipt and an application number can be issued within one week.

Why to Register a Trademark?

To own exclusive rights and get legal protection from infringement;

To create a brand and take over the market in advance;

To own intangible assets which can be evaluated;

To make it profitable by transferring and permitting uses by others;

To meet essential requirements for quality inspection licenses, barcodes, etc.

Trademark Registration Procedures

Trademark Analysis and Evaluation

One-to-one professional consultant for trademark feasibility analysis and customized plans for each client .

Submission to National Trademark Bureau

Quick submission and follow-up through the whole review process.

Materials Reviews

Assisting clients in collecting, reviewing, checking and confirming materials for registration.

Trademark Registration Completed

Certificate issued by the National Trademark Bureau
Free follow-up services for trademark monitoring, etc.


(1) Power of attorney for trademark registration, application form(for trademark registration agents and both can be formed automatically on the website ).

(2) Applicants’ qualifications proofs:

For enterprise applicant: a copy of business license

For individual applicants: a copy of ID card or passport and individual business license

The estimated time for the whole process of trademark registration is about 12 months and the actual time taken is subject to the completion time since no specific regulations are made for the completion period.

The estimated time to get notification about processing from National Trademark Bureau is about 5 months and the required time for formal review and announcement is 3 months.

Validity term for a registered trademark is 10 years. If renewal is needed after the validity term, it should be applied during the last year of the validity term.

If the application has not been submitted during this period, there will be another 6 months as extended period.

The trademark will be cancelled by the National Trademark Bureau if no applications during the extended period.

Generally black and white are used for trademark registration and any color can be applied after successful registration.

If other colors are used for registration, no change in colors is allowed after registration. We suggest clients use black and white.

There is no limit for the number of trademarks to register for a company. However the trademarks will be canceled if they have not been used for consecutive 3 years after registration.

During the application period, TM can be used for urgent use.

We suggest you register words and images separately. Though it costs less to register jointly, trademark registration is more risky to get rejected since more elements will be reviewed, which requires more time for reviewing as well.

More importantly, any words or images from the registered trademarks are not allowed to use separately if they are registered jointly. It is less risky to register separately and any combination of the words and images can be used separately after the successful registration.

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